About Me


Hi, I’m ifeanyi Jerry Chiemeke, and you are reading Chi’s Blog. I’m just a garrulous young fellow who thinks he can put down his uncoordinated thoughts in print and shove them down people’s skulls.

I appreciate all spheres of Art, but this is my safe place, my den. I love Jesus, travelling, photography, hiking, sleeping, movies, football, intelligent girls….and you (yes, YOU!) You can catch me up on Twitter @Le_Bouquineur or add me up on Facebook as Jerry Chi. I thrive on originality and appreciate opinions. Thanks for checking on what i do, and when you endorse my works with your positive feedback, that makes me ecstatic! Please share the stuff you see here when you can, a little publicity would be good for my health. Much Love.

P.S: Searching for a Muse

One response to “About Me

  1. Lovely. Quite an interesting blog you have here.
    And I agree with you. ..read one or two of your post and am quite intrigued.
    I love a good post.
    I love indepth and creativity as well..
    and sure thing…Every writer loves a place where they can call their safe haven..where they can allow their thoughts run as free as it needs be.
    As an up coming writer myself..still amateur ..though. lol. I sure can relate. And I enjoy reading stuffs from other cool writers.
    Writers are artist..We use our hands…conjuring words perfectly written down to paint a picture…and we give it life.
    Just wanted to say hello..and nice to meet you.
    oh Btw. ..I was going through some post on Facebook and someone had shared a post and I decided to read and viola…I found myself here.
    keep it up.

    you can stop by and check my blog out ..


    (Don’t laugh..am a work in progress).

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