Bachelors’ Anonymous | New E-Book

Sometime between late 2014 and late 2015, I had my reservations about marriage, a situation not helped by the increasing rates of divorce and marital infidelity. There were young men who shared my views, and together, flowing from our posts and our stance towards such a hallowed institution, we formed an imaginary group (in our heads) called Bachelors’ Anonymous.

One night in early 2015, I came up with a silly idea of writing a mini-series about men who did not want to marry, and ladies who would not see them do that. What was supposed to be two episodes stretched to eight chapters, and with that, we had the first instalment of the Bachelors’ Anonymous franchise, based on a fictitious plot involving real-life people.

In early 2016, a few friends stumbled on the previous year’s series, which had been solely published on my Facebook timeline, and suggested that I write a sequel. I hesitated, but two virtual friends (now pretty much real-time buddies), Akintunde Aiki and Deoye Falade, indicated interest in the idea of a follow-up. We put ideas together, brainstormed, and in a matter of hours, the plot for “Bachelors Anonymous II: Heart Wars” was hatched. Again, the publication of this second instalment was restricted to my Facebook wall.

The two-part franchise is a light-hearted series involving actual social media users who live out an imaginary storyline. A number of themes, from virtual romance to feminism, are explored in speculative fashion.

For a unique reading experience, the first instalment will be made available here, while the second instalment will be forwarded in a few days via an exclusive mailing list to those who download part 1 here.

I am a horrible tease, I know….but it’s because I want you to read and enjoy, as we enjoyed scribbling.

To download Bachelors’ Anonymous, click here .

Have at you!

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