CHURCH IN VERSE: A Tale Of Four Days (by Kolawole Oluwanifemi)

I was alive
Until the struggle to remain ended
Then I slipped into nothingness
Death has pangs
Never believed until my soul bore them

The tussle begun
Light and darkness contended
To have a bargain with my soul 
How I prayed for a halt
So my spirit could rest in peace

“…and let him go”
Oh what state I am
Bound in linens spun in yards
My vision blur to take in reality
My arms twitch to grasp life

My eyes open to probing ones of
Sisters, Friend and onlookers too
I tell them the tale
My tale of four days
How darkness engulfed me

Scarlet or crimson red
I could not discern
Deeper into thick gloss I went
Nothing to hold me back
From destination unknown

An echo came at its wake
The voice of a Friend I could tell
One that had bore the
Grief of my loss
That had wept wearied by pain

“…come forth!”, it came
A call to be and live
How could I ignore?
With urgency my feet moved
Me away from oblivion

They told me too of
Their tale of four days
How sobs did no soothe
None to console who was
In a mood of gloom

How Friend did not budge
While I laid maimed
How he lingered after my body laid
He waited four sunsets
To bring sound of hope from afar

I did die
My soul strayed
My body stunk
But at the wake of hope
I now live, I’m alive.

(About the Author:

Kolawole Oluwanifemi is a budding writer and author. Loves reading and speaking. She lives in Akure and has authored a number of short stories, articles and poems. Nifemi writes for fun and doesn’t mind if her works take her places.)



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