To Serve Nigeria III: Cause & Effect


Shrieks. Sweat. Tears. More sweat. More tears. Even more sweat, in spite of the chilly breeze. It was the far side of 9.00pm and the prayer session had dragged on for over five hours, and of course the flesh was weak, but a willing spirit would prevail this time. There was something in the atmosphere, something which they could not explain, which spurred them on to continue with prayer point after prayer point. There was the collective feeling that they would finally get answers that day. Continue reading

Why We Didn’t



Events highlighted are real (for the most part), but all characters in this piece are fictitious. Any reference to persons living or dead (or undead) is purely coincidental.


“Guy, how far you na? So with all these plenty fine girls wey dey your phone, wey you always dey snap with, plus the ones wey you dey use as DP every day, you still dey cook this bachelor concoction as food? You never see the one wey go just be your major ‘control’, wey go just dey stammer your name for night? Guy, you nor just dey try!” – Random buddy, going through my phone after a meal at my house. Continue reading