The Career Bachelor


11.47am was not exactly the usual time for work to lighten up on a weekday, but it was the kind of day that Frank’s diary had treated him to, and moreover it was a Friday. Not like Fridays were usually light in terms of work at this busy law firm, but this particular one had been kind to him and the rest of the full time staff at E. A. Udofia & Associates, one of the thriving law firms located somewhere in the heart of the nation’s most commercial state. It was a good way to see out the week, as another civil suit had been determined in his (and his firm’s) favour, and for this sleepy-eyed six footer in his late twenties, the day’s triumph did well in enhancing his status as a fast-rising legal practitioner. One month shy of being five and a half years at the Bar, he had enjoyed a steady climb in earning his stars, and he could really say “Son Of God, yea I know you’ve got my back, I bu Alobam”, if he could borrow the lyrics of that song from Phyno, which happened to be the last track he had listened to before turning off the engine of his 2013 Model BMW. Continue reading